Details of Proper Dining

With an air of softness, sophistication and grace, this short film moves you through every detail of a six-course formal dinner. You will experience the evening step by step. For example, you will learn the proper way to hold the fork and use the fork and knife, the proper way to unfold your napkin, and how to properly ask to be excused from the table. With marvelous tradition, this film gives you the opportunity to learn the art of being a good guest.

Good Manners

The excitement of this short film is that it’s beautiful and pleasing to watch, but at the same time an amazing learning tool. The film is targeted to children and adults. Included is a 20-chapter menu that will enable the viewer to quickly research how the proper table should be set, or the proper way to escort a lady. It becomes a reference documentary for every home’s library.

At the end of the film, you will see the classic Ten Don’ts, such as:
  • Don’t take the wrist further than the edge of the table or surround the plate with your left arm while eating with the right hand.

  • Don’t talk with a mouth full.

  • Don’t blow your nose at the table.

  • But: Do remember to take your good manners where ever you go.

Polished & Refined

Learning the secrets in this film will definitely give one advantages in their social life and business world. The point is to be a well-rounded and more polished person. In our fast world of new trends and technology, we must never forget to use society’s most long-standing and effective tool: good manners.

Kathy Becker, editor, Naples Illustrated

“In a time when couples aren’t introduced but instead search a database for desired attributes in a mate, when the family china is sold on Ebay and silverware is plastic, it’s such a delight to find that style, graciousness and manners still exist and breeding isn’t limited to designer dogs. Bernadette Watkins has created the gift that keeps on giving for children and adults, who despite the fast-paced nature of society today, do need manners to succeed.”